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The Men of Love Actually

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My favorite holiday movie is Love Actually. It’s not in the same league as the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas, but I love it anyway. The movie touches on all the good and bad parts of a romance.

If you haven’t seen it this is your spoiler alert.

The movie has a wonderful message, but the best part is the men. Come on, a movie where recently dumped Colin Firth plays a sexy writer. It’s worth it just to see him typing in a gorgeous place. Makes me want to join him there. You can’t help but laugh at the language mangling he does with his lovely housekeeper. Love can overcome.

Hugh Grant’s dance scene is worth it all on its own. His boyish charm shines through in this piece. He’s loveable as the public figure unsure if his feelings for the untypical politician’s date are worth the risk. Love better shaken.

Liam Neeson cries at the loss of his wife. But despite his pain helps his stepson find love and heals them both. Who wouldn’t want Liam for a dad? Love lost, love found.

Alan Rickman as the wandering husband is brilliantly played. I mean how could any man resist such an open invitation to stray. And even though he fails at messing around he realizes his error too late. Love is not always greener.

Andrew Lincoln is heartbreaking in this piece. Every time I watch it I want Keira to throw off her hubby and run away with Andrew. He’s so adorable. His come clean moment is a delightful must see. Unrequited love.

Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro as Karl is so hot. He and Laura Linney would have made cute movie babies had it worked out. Alas, all we get is a look at his bare chest. Love is never going to happen.

Martin Freeman is a sex scene stand in. This is a British film after all. He’s just a nice guy trying to figure out how to get a date with the girl. Love is sweet.

Kris Marshall reminds me of a romping puppy. He believes that if he goes to America he will have better luck with women. And boy does he. Love is believing.

Thomas Sangster plays the stepson of Liam. He’s fallen for this girl in his class and goes to great lengths to get her attention. First love.

This movie caters to the young and old. Bill Nighy is the naughty rock star trying to make a comeback. And even though he makes it big, he realizes one person always had his back. Brotherly love.

So that’s the ten men of Love Actually. Now you see why I watch this movie every year. In fact, I’m curling up on the couch to enjoy it right now. Hope you’ll check it out.

What’s your favorite holiday movie and why?




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