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Vacation for the mind


I’d love to take a long trip to the beach. Visit the Carolina’s or Maine but it’s not in my budget. Instead I had a chance for a long weekend on the lake. And for three days I was in another world.

Vacation to me means no cooking, cleaning or set schedules. My trip had easy-to-pullout meals of fresh veggies, fruit and whatever made it to the grill that night. Food tastes so much better eaten outside among friends and family.

We were blessed with great weather, cool and breezy as if we were on the beach. My mind unkinked and slowed, taking in the simple beauty of the surroundings. The area was filled the tiny chirp of hummingbirds and curious chipmunks.

Morning walks were full of visual pleasures that recharged my batteries. It was like having an artist date everyday. It’s a quaint community filled with small A-Frames, rustic open-aired getaways and a few if-I-win-the-lottery escapes. Each day I discovered some new visual treasure. I spotted a scarecrow guarding the vegetables, lush flowers, a stone castle and whimsical gardens.

The evenings were filled with laughter and small talk that we never seem to find time for in our busy lives. I’m not normally an outdoors gal, but we spent the majority of our time enjoying the weather on the deck till the temps finally rose.

Fully rested and sad to leave, we headed back home. That kind of break makes the upcoming Monday not so frantic. So I’ll take the lovely when I can get it and the memories will get me through till the next time.

The Packing Frenzy Begins

9-08-3This is my first year to finally attend the RWA national conference. I’ve watched my friends and chapter mates attend year after year. The whole time I just kept saying as soon as I’m in the right place with my writing I’m going.

Right place or not I signed up this year to go to Atlanta.  And even though it is technically 38 days till I leave the packing frenzy has begun. What type of clothes do I wear? Does anything still fit me? How can I downsize my packing?

I’m a stay at home writer/homeschool mom/domestic goddess who normally dresses in yoga pants or this time of year shorts. And yeah sometimes I stay in pj’s all day. I’m at home 90% of the time and except for the poor mailman no one is going to see what I wear.

Now I have to find professional attire that fits and is comfortable. And figure out how to pack it all in a case I can schlep around without pulling a hernia. The girls I travel with  know I normally take more than I need on a trip. Seems like I have forty bags by the time I have my suitcase, a hanging bag, my laptop bag and a purse. Obviously I don’t fly much. The girls manage with far less than me every time.

So I turned to the net for packing help. So many tips on how to pack a bag. Most are on putting everything in one carry-on. The thought of stuffing all my must haves in one bag gives me a headache.
For packing tips:

After learning how to pack lighter I turned to tips from those who have gone before on what to bring. I’m not a dress girl so it will be dress capri’s or light weight slacks. And even though I’m hot natured I’ll bring a cardigan or two in case of a chill.

Past RWA packing advice:

And since I’m lost without my lists here is a great packing list:

So any conference advice on what to wear? Packing tips?

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