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To choose or not to choose. That is the exercise question.

Walkers' Feet

As I get older, exercise becomes a very important choice to make. Choice being the important word. Knowing what can happen with inactivity I can decide not to get up early to walk before it is too hot. I can choose to hit snooze and watch the scales slowly climb higher.

I can choose to watch what I eat, make healthier food choices. Despite the fact that chocolate cake is composed of milk and eggs and ok for breakfast, at least according to Bill Cosby. Oatmeal with fruit is a better choice.

My friend and I have decide to enter a local lose weight challenge. Hoping that together we can keep enough momentum going to see some progress. We have two months to get a jump start on what will hopefully be a lifetime journey.

To change an attitude takes determination. To stay for the entire hour of exercise takes perseverance. To eat differently when all you really want is a burger takes a different mindset.

It all circles back around to choice. I choose to get healthier for myself and my family. Ultimately I’ll be  happier. I’ll need to remember this as the aches and pains try to slow me down.

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