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Potted Success

Potted sucess

Potted Success

I love plants but most don’t like me. Buying plants that survive on neglect has been my saving grace. For the big pots on my deck I love Kimberly ferns and Gerber daisies. Both can handle me forgetting to water them till they are drooping in defeat. They plump up quickly grateful for the drink.

In our yard, I only useĀ  hardy plants that grow well on their own. So we have lots of iris’, daylilies, hosta, daffidils. All of these have grown so well that this fall I need to divide all of them.

My desk is in our oversized bedroom where I can look out on our back deck. The large colorful pots clustered there give me something to gaze at when the muse has fled. This year I’m branching out by trying to grow some vegetables. So far I have two cherry tomato plants. We are a small family of three so a few plants will be all we can eat. If those survive I hope to add spinach and zucchini.

I’m also experimenting with reusing what we would normally throw away by growing my romaine lettuce from the ends. Our first one did well but I waited to long before planting it. This time we will sprout 2 or 3 and put them outside.

There is something satisfying about growing plants.

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