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Time Keeps On Ticking

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Now that I’m on the fifty side of life I find I look at things a little differently. Things that I use to feel had to be done are now weighed. Either it is a because as adults we are supposed to do this or do I really want to do this. I don’t like suppose to anymore. So if it weighs on that side and won’t offend my mother if I don’t do it, its gone.

Sometimes you’ve got to let go of the ‘because your just suppose to’. And pick up the ‘this is what I want to do’ with the second half of my life. I really need that printed on a t-shirt.

So many ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’ in the first half that I can’t go back and fix. And so many new possibilities in the second half that are just waiting to be discovered. I fully believe that age is only a number. My mother-in-law recently celebrated her ninetieth birthday. She still drives and lives on her own. This year she went on a trip with family to Hawaii. Her only concession to age is she does use a cane. Go her.

That is where I want to  be in my nineties, still going strong. That is why I’m working so hard on becoming a better writer. Every book I complete is one more important lesson learned in persistence and determination. From the people I see make it these seem to be necessary qualities.

I completed my third NANOWRIMO this year as a winner. Personally I think anyone who attempts the craziness for a whole month deserves to be a winner just for hanging in there. My writing buddy and I encouraged each other with daily check-ins. We both found ways to work around travel and even the holidays which usually derails me. This year I wasn’t having to drive for Thanksgiving and typed my words on my Alphasmart in the car. That has been one handy device.

My friends and I have a getaway where we  plan our writing goals for the year. We make our goals and pledge to help each other along the way. Mine for  the rest of this year are to keep working on my books. Get them all revised and submit them. You can’t get anything done if the work is hiding in a drawer.

So even though time won’t stand still I’m good with that. I have plans for my next however many years I am lucky enough to have. And many more books to write.


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Recharging the Paranormal Batteries

IMG_0586I love Halloween. Supernatural inspiration is at every corner or at least on each wall of the local costume store. We have a large one that is only open this time of year. Along with the usual costumes and bloody appendages they offer small artfully arranged macabre mechanical vignettes.

I love these tiny horror moments. Ghosts stalking, people stabbing, and creepy things coming out of the fireplace. As an author the  story possibilities are many.  So I snap a few quick photos to jog my memory when  I need a spooky idea.

If I’m lucky I find some small items to add to my inspiration wall to help me along the rest of the year. My haul this year included two small decorated pointy hats just right for my Sweetwater Witches. They go perfectly with my “Embrace your inner Witch” plaque.

I loved all kinds of horror when I was growing up. By todays standards Vincent Price  might be a little tame but back in the dark ages of my youth his movies fit the bill. It took a lot to scare me back then. I devoured Stephen King and Clive Barker books and then watched the  films.  I loved to stay up late to watch Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She was funny and always showed the best movies.

So tonight I’m snuggling in with some great horror flicks and soaking up the vibes. Favorite Halloween memories? Movies? Books?

Persistence Makes A Habit



Two months ago my friend and I entered a weight lose challenge complete with a variety of exercise options. We met and worked out together 4 to 5 times a week. Now I am not a lover of exercise. I like what it does for me so I plow ahead.

Planning to exercise every week at about the same time was something new for me. Sure I’ve exercised in the past but it was hit or miss. Didn’t matter if I didn’t like doing the exercises, I was obligated by my promise to my friend and the promise to myself.

So we tried the boxing workout, I really discovered a passion for punching the bag as hard as possible. The dumbbells, challenged every part of my body, I grew to hate squats.  The Pilates and yoga tested my patience as the instructors positioned us then had us hold the poses, forever. The high-intensity workouts involved a lot of jumping, jogging and sweating, a lot of sweating. And finally my favorite zumba. Who doesn’t love to dance the pounds off?

All of these were classes were led by one or two smiling instructors, who did not sweat and talked for the entire hour. Can I just say right here that I really wanted to hate them all for telling me I could do it, just one more rep and way to go for hanging in there. But in all fairness they meant every word and it is probably how they got in such great shape.

Now that you know far more about the types of exercise than you wanted to where am I going with this?

My friend and I lost some weight, a few inches and built endurance. So it was a win all around. But most importantly we’d built a habit. And when my free trial ends next week I will still find someway to keep working out.

As a writer I have learned that persistence can be the difference between someone finishing a book and not. It can also be the factor that can help you get published. I have seen it happen with my chapter mates who have pushed ahead writing and submitting and writing some more. Then boom they are selling like hotcakes.

But you can’t make someone want what you haven’t created. So I’m applying this lesson to my own writing journey. I’ve finished my first book and am ready to send it out into the world for someone to love like I do. As soon as it’s out the door I’ve got the next book to work on.

Writing is sometimes like those revolving doors in the fancy elevators that always keep moving. You just have to jump on and do the work. I’m a work-at-it-everyday kinda gal just because that’s my process. So it isn’t hard to shuffle my habit of exercise onto my writing. They both require a constant practice to maintain.

So a healthier and  happier writer, that might be worth all of the sweat and aching muscles.

So what habits have your recently discovered?  Or applied to your writing


A Newbie’s look at the RWA Conference

I had watched my friends attend the national conference year after year living vicariously through their texts  and twitter. When the conference chose to come to Nashville I signed up. We all know what happened then. The famous flood. Sigh.

So I made a deal with myself. Finish one book. Really revise the heck out of it and have it ready for the conference in Atlanta.  I signed up unsure what to expect from a group of over 2000 women, but I was in for a pleasant surprise.

What would normally feel overwhelming to this introvert was instead invigorating. Armed with my first timer ribbon I was now among people who got me. Didn’t matter if they were big time or a newbie like me. We shared a common bond. We were all writers. That statement seemed to be a continuing theme the whole week

What stands out among the zillion things that went on that week? The moment that Nora walked into the bar. That one needs no explanation. The wonder of the literacy signing. Meeting the lovely Leigh Evans and having a fan girl moment as she signed posters for her two books.  Discovering new people to read like Rita Finalist Pamela Hearon. Or Tessa Adams and her fabulous new series about witches, my favorite kind of paranormal.  I also got to meet Amanda Flowers who hosted the online Cupcakes, Cocktails and Critique put on by the Seymour agency. And finally got to meet Amy Atwell from the GIAM loop.

The two inspiring luncheon speakers made me laugh and cry.  Nobody warned me to bring tissues. Adding that  to the list for next year. So many wonderful authors  graciously asked if I was having a good time and made me feel welcome. Wish I could recycle the first timer ribbon for next year.

One of the goals I had for the conference was to meet new people. That goal has been checked off.  Indie author Elena Dillion and I hit it off from the moment we met in the elevator. I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow Pro member Olivia Kelly in the bar. My second goal was to conquer my nerves about pitching my book. That was partially accomplished with the help of the gracious Christyne Butler who helped me fine-tune my pitch.

I am happy to say that I made it through both appointments without embarrassing myself and enjoyed getting to meet the editors and agents who were very kind.

The absolute best part of the whole conference was of course all the books. I haven’t counted my stash yet but I had one full box and shared half of another with my roomie. Add in the ebooks on the conference flash drive and I will have plenty to keep me occupied.

Way to quickly we were on our way to the Saturday night awards. I rooted for my chapter mates, Kim Law and Lea Ann Schafer. And checked out the variety of terrific dresses worn by the attendees. Too soon it was over.

The whole week was a lot to take it. I’m still processing and catching up on my sleep. It was a great opportunity to learn from others in this wonderful  business. Now I know what to expect for next year and how to prepare better. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at RWA 2014.

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