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Time Keeps On Ticking

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Now that I’m on the fifty side of life I find I look at things a little differently. Things that I use to feel had to be done are now weighed. Either it is a because as adults we are supposed to do this or do I really want to do this. I don’t like suppose to anymore. So if it weighs on that side and won’t offend my mother if I don’t do it, its gone.

Sometimes you’ve got to let go of the ‘because your just suppose to’. And pick up the ‘this is what I want to do’ with the second half of my life. I really need that printed on a t-shirt.

So many ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’ in the first half that I can’t go back and fix. And so many new possibilities in the second half that are just waiting to be discovered. I fully believe that age is only a number. My mother-in-law recently celebrated her ninetieth birthday. She still drives and lives on her own. This year she went on a trip with family to Hawaii. Her only concession to age is she does use a cane. Go her.

That is where I want to  be in my nineties, still going strong. That is why I’m working so hard on becoming a better writer. Every book I complete is one more important lesson learned in persistence and determination. From the people I see make it these seem to be necessary qualities.

I completed my third NANOWRIMO this year as a winner. Personally I think anyone who attempts the craziness for a whole month deserves to be a winner just for hanging in there. My writing buddy and I encouraged each other with daily check-ins. We both found ways to work around travel and even the holidays which usually derails me. This year I wasn’t having to drive for Thanksgiving and typed my words on my Alphasmart in the car. That has been one handy device.

My friends and I have a getaway where we  plan our writing goals for the year. We make our goals and pledge to help each other along the way. Mine for  the rest of this year are to keep working on my books. Get them all revised and submit them. You can’t get anything done if the work is hiding in a drawer.

So even though time won’t stand still I’m good with that. I have plans for my next however many years I am lucky enough to have. And many more books to write.


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